Brace Yourself

Introducing the Brace Yourself Incentive Program! We know the most successful treatment results are achieved in partnership with our patients. This program is designed to help meet your treatment goals while having some fun!

Punch cards are given to every patient at the first appointment. Examples of ways to earn punches are excellent oral hygiene, follow-through on doctor’s instructions (such as wearing rubber bands), and appliance care. Bonus punches can be earned with office events!

Completed punch cards can then be redeemed for a variety of fun gift cards. If a punch card is misplaced, we will be happy to issue a new one. Unfortunately, we will not be able to honor the punches on the lost card. Once the card is found, we will be happy to restore the punches.

Rewards may be redeemed at any time during your active treatment. You stop earning punches once you are in the retainer phase.

Good luck, and good oral hygiene!

What can I do to earn reward punches?

Earn up to four punches at each regularly scheduled visit if you:

  • Arrive on time, brushed, and ready to go

  • Do not have any broken braces, loose bands, broken or bent arch wires, or lost or broken appliances

  • Have worn your headgear, elastics, or other appliances as instructed, with a positive attitude toward treatment

  • Receive “Good” or an improved grade for hygiene (tooth brushing and flossing)

How do I get bonus punches?

  • Earn up to three bonus punches if you participate in our spirit week themes

  • Earn five bonus punches for referring a friend who starts treatment with us

  • Earn two bonus punches for coming in on your birthday for a scheduled appointment

What is the prize?

$10 gift card for every full card you turn in!

What Our Patients Are Saying

What Our Patients Are Saying

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